Monday, November 8, 2010


WOW!! Can't believe I'm 13 wks. Theses last couple of weeks have been flying by. So far I'm feeling pretty good, I still have morning sickness but hopefully that will go away soon. I've been trying to "Take it Easy" what ever does that mean when you have 3 kids? I still have the blood clot but we are hoping that will go away on its own. I recently switched doctors. I was seeing a doctor here in Lakeland and loved him but I don't want to deliver here in Lakeland. I had such a great experience at Winnie Palmer in Orlando. So because I want to deliver at Winnie Palmer I have to see a doctor who delivers there, so I am now seeing the doctor that delivered Nevaeh. I went and saw him on Oct 22nd. He informed me that this is a high risk pregnancy because of the blood clot and losing baby A. I go back on Nov 18th and I'm excited because the IP's are flying in for this appointment. I have made arrangements for the kids so I will be kid less for this appointment which is nice. I haven't taken a 13 wk belly pic but here is a 12 wk belly pic.


Jennifer said...

13 weeks, what a big mile stone! What a cute belly!

Kelly & Her Uterus said...

I agree with Jennifer- cute belly. Can't wait to see it grow over the next several weeks!

~ joann said...

What a beautiful baby bump!! So looking forward to following your journey :)